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First internship gangster

เป็นปีแรกที่เปิดรับนักศึกษาฝึกงาน โดยเปิดรับนักศึกษาจาก 3 สถาบัน ที่เรียนคนละแขนงกัน แต่ยังอยู่ในสายศิลปะ มาใช้เวลานั่งทำงานร่วมกันเป็นเวลากว่า 45 วัน


Hi, I'm PAKA  

Do you want some apple pie ?

Mewadee  Ponasa

A 4th-year student from the Faculty of Fine Art and

Applied Art,Print Making Major at Khonkaen University.  

Since I come to Chiangmai, I need to walk a lot. I started to realize the beauty of the streets, they inspired me to create this collection. Every single step I walk on Chiangmai 's street is a precious memory for me, That's why I design this collection from the street's texture.

I use paper collage technique to creates the uniqueness of each book, the imperfection of paper collage makes every journal different. 

Silk Screen printing technique is something very familiar for me because I studied in printmaking major so I decided to use what I have learned to fulfill my works, it also makes the cover look more delicate and exquisite.







Technique : Paper Collage and

                    Silk Screen printing


Hi, I'm oyaaaaasumi  

I love Ghost stories 

Pitchaporn Arin

A 3rd-year student from the Faculty of Media Art and Design

at Chiangmai University.  

Technique : Paper Collage and

                    Silk Screen printing

your are my summer-01.jpg

Since I come to Chiangmai, I need to walk a lot.

I started to realize the beauty of the streets, they inspired me to create this collection.





u r my summer  



Hi, I'm t      a     m  

Bubble tea speed drinking is my superpower

Kunchira Kankunsuntorn

A 1st-year student from the Faculty of Architecture

at Chulalongkorn University.  


Technique : Spray Paint and

                    Emboss Stamp

When I got the project  "summer collection", I wondered of many things that can represent the feelings of summer whether the sea, melting ice cream or some lyrics about summertime. I wrote down all of my ideas and tried to think about what could happen from the things I wrote.


On the day before I have to present my collection, my mom and I went for a little walk in the city.

Under the hot sunny day, my mom said: " my skin turns brown too easily because of the super hot sun and it takes time to repair ".Then, I saw the light bulb above my head turns on like " ding!"


This collection " sunburn " represents a hot day of summer by the metamorphosis of skin tones

and freckles. You can see the colors of each signature on the spine gradient and also the gap between the Coptic binding that is all designed to give the best effect that reminds you of the summer breeze. Moreover, every piece of covers is hand spray painted by me. 








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